One-Handed Eating Master

I am slowly becoming super human. I am able to do so much more than I ever imagined since having CBK. The most surprising is how much I can accomplish with one hand. When you have a baby in your arms you quickly manage to do everything with your other hand.

I joined a New Mom’s group when CBK was about 7 weeks old and after the group meeting several of us would go out to eat. Since every mom had a baby with her, we all were juggling babies on hips, in arms and in strollers throughout the meal. Unlike eating with a spouse, partner or friend, there is no one to hold the baby while you cut your food or try to hold something with two hands to take a bite. After the first lunch with these women I quickly realized a rule all mother’s of new babies must keep in mind when ordering…

Don’t order a sandwich or anything that may require cutting for your meal.

Your child, who was peacefully sleeping in his stroller during the ordering portion of the meal, will inevitably wake up bright eyed, and probably hungry, ready to jump into your waiting empty arms right before the meal comes out. And there you are with your baby in your arms trying to maneuver a huge burger. IMPOSSIBLE. Unless you can eat like this…

shaggy sandwich

So then you try to cut it into more manageable pieces, and as you are about to pick up your knife, the baby moves reminding you that you probably should not hold a small child and sharp object at the same time. So rather than enjoying the burger as they are intended, you slowly eat it with a fork combining bits of bread and toppings whenever possible.

I remember looking around at the more experienced mom’s in the group (this new baby was their second or third child) and they had ordered pasta, salads or finger foods. They easily fed their baby their bottle or breastfed and continued to eat. The first time moms like myself, we struggled to manage our sandwiches and other complicated meals. We quickly realized eating post baby was not only about food choice¬†but also managing the food and the baby at the same time.

But it is not just eating where one handed abilities magically appear or are required. I can get dressed with one hand, comb my hair, cook a meal or type on my computer. At this point, almost anything can be thrown at me and I could probably manage it with one hand. We underestimate the power of mothers. We are adaptable in ways I never knew possible and can’t wait to see what other amazing talents I will soon possess.

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