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I have very little alone time. CBK is always nearby, part of the bargain of parenting on your own. Need to make dinner, better figure out how to do it with a baby on your hip. Need to wash clothes, better have a place for the little guy to sit nearby. As he gets older and can roll off his newborn lounger, I realized how important his little bouncer has become. I can strap him in and do all the little things I need to get done.


This inexpensive bouncer I got at Walmart for less than $50. Moderately easy to put together and he began using it at a few weeks old. At first, we used it in the day as an additional bouncer to have in the bedroom so we wouldn’t need to drag his other bouncer from the living room. Then when he was having trouble sleeping flat, we placed him to sleep in it for a few hours each night (* DO NOT TAKE THIS AS ADVICE AS THIS IS NOT MADE FOR SLEEPING) He would sleep peacefully strapped in for a few hours and we could get a moment to exhale. I was blessed to have my mother with me for six weeks but when she left, I immediately needed somewhere to place CBK while I was getting ready each day. It came to me that…

You need a bouncer in your bathroom.

This bouncer is now a permanent fixture in my bathroom. He is in it while I shower and get dressed. He doesn’t fuss and will just play with the small toys above his head or just babble to himself¬†while I get ready. It makes life so much easier. It also means that I do not have to move it around or search for somewhere if I need to be in the bathroom. Its lightweight and quiet. We never added any of the buttons to make it do anything as it bounces when he moves giving him a little entertainment.

Often people will give you things with all the bells and whistles for a baby shower gift. Or when you register as a first time mom, you search for the bouncer that will provide a ton of activity. Though we have the high tech swing and other items, this inexpensive bouncer has gotten the most use and been the most useful. It is definitely a Mommy Must Have (MMH).

Things to look for in this type of bouncer:

  • Lightweight
  • Inexpensive
  • Soft inner lining
  • Simple and quiet with a reactive bounce to baby’s movements
  • Perfect for small and large newborn babies with adjustable strap
  • Non skid bottom

I have talked with other working moms and single moms and we all agreed how important it was to have some type of bouncer or other strap in device in the bathroom if you are by yourself. Make this MMH an item on your baby registry or new mom first 6 months purchase. Happy Shopping and Showering!

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