Sleeping On My Throne

heartburnI spent the final four months of my pregnancy sleeping sitting up. I heard people have horrible heartburn during pregnancy but this was unbelievable. My son has a TON of hair so maybe that old wives tale is true. He has more hair than any baby I have seen his age and was born with at least an inch or more all over his head.

I had acid reflux before I was pregnant and in the first few months a few Tums at night and I was ok. I could place the pillows under my knee or between my legs and sleep on my side.



But then I started getting bigger and the heartburn got worse. Each night, if I tried to lay back even a little I instantly felt nausea. The few pillows were no longer comfortable. I read in one of the pregnancy blogs how someone described sleeping and moving while laying down, as trying to wrestle an alligator each night in an effort to find a comfortable position. That was such an accurate description to me! Everywhere I turned I couldn’t stay comfortable for long. Moving was exhausting and difficult with this round heavy ball on my body that would not let me turn gracefully. I bought the big pregnancy pillow that molds to your body and tried to adjust it to my ever expanding size. But I also needed pillows behind my head to keep my head up while I slept so I wouldn’t feel the horrible heartburn.

sitting up

By month six I was sleeping sitting up in my bed. I had tons of pillows of every shape and size around me as a throne. Each night I would arrange them just so I could sit up and sleep. Shortly after having my son I realized I could finally sleep in a laying down position. My head still was a little higher but I did not have to be sitting. It felt so weird.

My OB/GYN said she had to sleep in a recliner her final month of pregnancy but I feel like no one else really mentioned that this was a possibility. I figured I might sleep uncomfortably and need the fancy pillow while pregnant. I never thought the pillow might be a complete fail and I would buy the entire stock of pillows from my local store in an effort to get comfortable. I feel like I haven’t had a great nights sleep in a year given the pregnancy and now newborn. Plus I have enough pillows to open a pillow store. If you need a pillow you know where to find me.


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