I Hate The Restroom Hand Dryers!!!!

I have gotten pretty comfortable with taking CBK out and even regularly attend a mom’s group with other new mom’s each week. I quickly learned how often there are no changing tables in restaurant bathrooms, particularly local, non-chain, city restaurants. You are lucky if you have a bathroom with multiple stalls in many of these places. I have come to realize that the people that create bathrooms must never have had a small child, a disability, or other complication to their ability to access any restroom or restroom stall. From stairs to access the restrooms or tiny stalls that could never fit a wheelchair or no hooks for a diaper bag, many bathrooms are less than ideal for baby changing, strollers or those with disabilities. The one exception to this is typically the mall or any major store where you will find a large changing station (often Koala Bear brand it seems) either in a large handicap stall or on a wall in the washing area. At times you feel like doing a Hallelujah dance when you see this, as you know you will be able to safely place your baby down  ( with a protective liner of course) and have a drama free changing experience. And then someone dries their hands under one of the hand dryers and all hell breaks loose…

hand dryer

See once again these bathroom designers made a crucial error. Almost every wall changing station is next to the hand dryers in the restroom. The minute someone uses the dryer your calm infant that was peacefully having his diaper changed, is startled into a fit of crying and tears. You try to calm him and the minute he stops screaming, here comes another person drying their hands. Now the impact of the dryers is decreased by a changing table in the stall but this is not always available. And unlike the horrible useless dryers of the past, that were more a waste than an effective method of hand drying, today’s hand dryers are high blowing, ultra powerful, and super loud.

CBK’s startle reflex is super sensitive. I have spent many a shopping trip hoping for the bathroom to clear out before I enter with him. One of my favorite local shopping centers has beautiful clean bathrooms that have large stalls and lots of space to maneuver a stroller. However, the hand dryers are directly to the right of the changing table. It is a busy mall so it is impossible to get through changing him without someone or several people drying their hands. I appreciate that people are taking their hygiene seriously but UGH I hate those dryers.

Here is a tip for all you, would be restroom designers. I appreciate that you even thought to include a changing station and am thankful for this convenience. Maybe next time bring along a mother with an infant before you hang it in the restroom to make sure you won’t be driving all the mothers crazy each time they try to change their child. Thanks!

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