I’m exhausted but I’m blessed

I exhaustedly hold CBK for a middle of the night feeding after a long day working. My eyes can barely stay open and I take a moment to look down at him. It still surprises me that he exists. That I have a son. As I smooth his curls from his little face and his big eyes look up at me, I realize how special this moment is. One day he will be a teenager too cool to be bothered to spend time with his mom. And even sooner, there will be nights that he will no longer be in my care when he stays with his father. But for tonight it is just me holding his little hand, smoothing his face and kissing his cheek. This is a memory that I can treasure. He is changing so quickly and though I am exhausted, the blessing of this quiet moment with my son is what I am focused on.

Untitled drawing (8)

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